I feel like writing again

It’s been some very busy months lately. Since I started my Master’s degree, I’ve been working hard on my research and on publications based on it. I am happy to announce that the first draft of my first first author paper is done, and now I wait for the comments of other authors. Also, in December I became a rotation author on Astrobites, which is pretty cool. I’m also working on an extra project (which I can’t talk much about right now) and doing other science stuff on the side when there’s free time.

So, as you can imagine, there hasn’t been much room for writing non-scientific articles. Even gaming (my cup of tea when it comes to cheap entertainment) is set to background lately. The posts here in this blog are actually a repost from my previous website, so that is why there is some weird stuff like missing images and so on. Additionally, they reflect opinions that I had at the time of writing, and they probably changed a lot since. I don’t wanna erase these posts though. In fact, I want to go back to writing again.

Since I stopped blogging, I feel like there’s this hairball of ideas inside my stomach that can’t find its way out. Things like the current state of science in Brazil, where things are going, the situation of diversity in all kinds of fields, personal life strife that’s been going on, and even some experiences that I think worth of writing about.

I’ve been actively tweeting these issues, but it just doesn’t feel the same. For instance, how is it possible to regurgitate all my opinions on, say, the directions that the skeptical and atheist movements are taking at the moment (which, by the way, are thoughtfully explored on the blog Skepchick) in just 140 characters? The answer is: it is not. Also, I feel that tweeting doesn’t click the same skill buttons as does full-fledged blogging: it seems like I’m rusty on the non-scientific writing, which is really bad.

In conclusion: yes, I do intend on getting back to writing again. I might as well start making this blog a bit more public if that happens, since I’ve kept it behind the curtains for too long of a time now. Posts will generally be shorter too, because that is in vogue at the moment. I think 500 words limit is a good choice. Don’t wanna ramble too much. Also, no more obligatory featured image: it just gets in the way of writing. No more eye-candy for the readers, I guess.

I feel like writing again

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