Pysics notebook one

Since I started studying Python programming, I’ve been creating some sample codes, here and there, that solve physics problems. Most of them are exercises from books, the internet and occasionally from school assignments. I have a lot of fun creating them, even though they can be quite difficult to compute sometimes. Because of that, I started a very laid back project called Pysics, which is basically publicizing a compilation of these exercises, so that they can be used by other students.

Initially I was creating a program on GitHub, but since I got to know this amazing tool called IPython Notebook, I realized that this should be the best manifestation of Pysics, without question.

So, here it is, the Pysics notebook one. You can also download the ipynb file here. It basically contains four exercises: plotting the electric field produced by point-size electric charges, calculating the time-evolution of a coupled triple pendulum, computing Bessel functions and simulating the diffraction pattern of a telescope.

I plan on working on one or two more notebooks, which I will release someday (not sure when, for my graduate school starts in just a few weeks and I will be busy with the preparations). But, for now, I hope this notebook can be useful and inspiring to you.

Featured image: the diffraction pattern produced by a point-like source of light as seen on a telescope.


Pysics notebook one

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